We are not your typical express car wash. Everything we do is “Premium.” We deliver exceptional customer service and use the most advanced system in the industry to get you to Really Clean, Really Dry, Really Fast.

Friendly, Helpful Faces. We have raised the standards of customer service. Our customer care representatives are helpful, knowledgeable, and always ready to assist you. Let us help you select the right car wash for your needs, receive a quality car wash every single time, and experience the best service so that BlueWave is your preferred destination car wash.

For Your Comfort: FREE UNLIMITED turbo powered vacuums. Covered vacuum areas. Always clean restrooms. A beautifully maintained site with well-lighted areas.

Most Advanced System: Our cleaning products and equipment are state of the art designed to clean, dry, shine, and protect your car every time.

Good for the car, good for the planet. We only use the highest quality cleaning and polishing products to gently wash your car while taking off the stubborn dirt and protecting your car’s finish. All of our products are specially formulated biodegradable and eco-friendly.

We get the dirt off! Our conveyor is 125 feet long. That means more equipment and more time is given to allow our specially formulated cleaning solutions to stay on the car and loosen the dirt and residue from your car’s finish.

Designed to clean and protect your car. There is nothing in our process that can blemish your car’s finish. Our Soft cloth wash process uses a combination of Tip Touch® applications, very soft polishing cloths that are softer than your sponge at home, in combination with our high lubricity cleaning foam that has stayed on your car for over a minute.

A spot free rinse every time. The water we use is specially treated through a reverse-osmosis process that removes all of the minerals to deliver a car with no soap residue and a spot-free rinse.

A really dry car. No need to wipe your car down. We use a large array of powerful, individually aimed fans to get your car really dry. BlueWave’s air dryer array is aimed so as to push the water down and off your car. Any drops remaining will evaporate spot free, because of our specially treated water.