In the business world, presentation is everything. Your employees and your business vehicles are a reflection of your company and our Fleet Accounts are a great way to make a great impression on your clients.

Fleet Accounts

Fleet Accounts are perfect for companies with many service vehicles that need to maintain a tip-top appearance.

Exceptional Value: Low monthly price. More washes = More savings.

Customized Services: Convenient monthly billing. We provide you with a security pin for your fleet account card(s).

Express Drive Through: Our system recognizes you each time that you visit.

Fleet Services Are Available To:

  • Sales Teams
  • Car Dealerships
  • Realtors
  • City Employees
  • Delivery Services
  • Maid Service Companies
  • Contractors
  • Companies with a Fleet of Vehicles

How it Works:

To enroll in a Fleet program you must first complete a fleet application .

You will be issued Fleet Cards to use for the wash services throughout the month. We will bill you at the end of each month for the number of washes received during the month.

For questions and pricing, please contact us at

Commercial Accounts

Our Commercial program is designed for commercial drivers who need to maintain a polished appearance. You pay a low monthly price for a set number of washes per month, saving you 37% off the standard prices.

Exceptional Value: A low monthly fee for a set number of washes per month.

Customized Services: Convenient monthly billing.

Express Drive Through: Our system recognizes your vehicle and pre-selected wash each time that you visit.

Fleet Services Are Available To:

  • Taxi cab drivers
  • Limousine drivers
  • Small networks of commercial vehicles
  • How it works

    To use the Commercial program it is necessary to set up a credit card on our monthly billing system by contacting us at

    Bulk Sales

    Our Bulk Sales program can save you as much as 50%. It is designed for businesses that would like to purchase a large quantity of individual car washes. This program is great as a gift for clients or customers, employee appreciation gifts, or employee sales and service awards.

    For Instance:

    • Oil & Lube companies may offer a free BlueWave Basic car wash with any auto service!
    • Businesses can use car washes as a prize for employees. Award the employee of the month with a $50 BlueWave Express gift card!
    • Auto dealers offer a $50 gift card with every new car purchase.
    • How it works

      To get started, contact our customer care group at . Please allow for a 7 business day turn around on all Bulk Express Card Sales. Bulk sales on Express cards must be paid for by check or credit card.