What you can expect from BlueWave Premium XPress:

Highest Quality Car Wash!

Our pursuit is for a 100% quality car wash every single time. We use the most advanced system to take you to Really Clean, Really Dry, Really Fast!

Really Clean, Really Dry, Really Fast.

Through the tunnel in just 3 minutes.

Protects Your Finish.

We promise a soapy soft cloth wash that is gentle enough to protect your car’s finish.

FREE UNLIMITED Turbo Powered Vacuums.

The quietest and highest powered vacuums in the industry.

Happy, Friendly Service.

Always-friendly attendants to assist you along the way.

We Wash Responsibly.

We reclaim and recycle our water and dispose of all pollutants. We’re energy efficient from inside the building to the landscaping and only use nature-friendly, biodegradable products.


More Washes, More Savings with 3 Waves to Save!

Get More Express. Our Express Card gives you an instant 25% Bonus!

Endless Wave Clubs. Wash as much as you want and have a clean car all of the time.

More Perks. More Washes. Our EXCLUSIVE VIP program is free for being a valued customer.